Transition to Winter

dunia review-50
I have noticed during this transition into the winter months your body and skin go through lots of changes. Personally I have noticed feeling more hungry,  less energetic, it makes me have to rethink everything and dig deeper.

Don’t fear, put those fall summer vibes away and welcome winter.

How can we do that!? I am thinking be kind to yourself, let your body transition. Make healthy comfort foods; I’ve been trying a cup of warm lemon water when first waking up, it really helps me and my skin stay hydrated.

It’s really OK to slow down. Change your routine maybe add yoga! Yoga is great to keep your mind grounded and also strengthens you for those nutty holidays ahead.

Look at the bright side. You can also throw on those cute Uggs you’ve been dying to wear! Lol I know I can’t wait.

Can’t wait to help you look gorgeous for the Holidays! Don’t forget about the Spiced Apple Cider Facial!spiced-cider-facial
See you soon

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P.S. Did you know all those head stands and poses keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant as the blood flows to your face and skin!

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