Summer to Winter Product Swap

Here’s why I think switching up some key products from summer to winter is so beneficial for your skin!

Summer climate can make the skin dull, weathered, also dry from all the outdoor activities. Winter products will have more hydrating, calming ingredients to help ward off dry cold winter conditions.

Few tips:

  • A hydration cleanser to remove makeup
  • A richer night cream and fabulous eye cream to keep eyes from getting crappy from winter winds
  • Plus you will need a BB Or CC cream with SPF to protect you from the sneaky strong fall/winter sun and prevent anymore annoying brown spots

Come in and try our Seasonal facials they luxurious , hydrating, exfoliating and help take that summer film off the face . When you come  let me help you refresh your winter skin program . We just got in all our new fall products. Did you know we do a 30 min free clean out your product session with Dunia. I will help you get your skin in gear for the holiday festive events where lots of photos will be taken so you will want to look your best! See you at the studio soon!


Did you know our products are local!


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